#productivitytips For #womeninrealestate: How To Clean Up Your Gmail Inbox

Hey this is Christine I’m gonna take a couple minutes to show you how to streamline your email a couple of months ago I hired an email coach and he had me do this and it really helped me get clear on what was in my email box and clean up my email box so now on a daily basis I.

Have zero emails every single day so this is actually like an admin email that I have that I use and you can see with.

The new layout of Google you have primary social and then promotions so Google just automatically puts them in whatever tab so let’s get into we’re gonna eliminate these posts let’s get into settings and we’re gonna get into.
Inbox and then see how these categories are let’s just unclick them.

And I put unread first I like that view so what you have here is your unread x’ that.

Are coming in immediately and then you have everything else so really with these and how I clean up my email box now is that.

I just archive everything so it all gets sent to archive which archive is just another way that it’s just out of your inbox like you still have access to it I you had like complete anxiety over this idea of archiving I was like what do you.

Mean like I need my emails like.

I’m a real estate agent I have all this stuff I got it you know I got to know where it’s at Yetta Yetta Yetta so as i archived all the bottom items there so.

Let’s just take a look at this email all right so let’s get back.

Here and then refresh it and then see how it pops down there so really on a daily basis my email is pretty empty I might have three or four emails that come in because I also use a service called unroll me amazing it kind of just goes through your.

Email and grabs all of your spam slash newsletters that you signed up for the first time I went through unroll me I think I.

Unsubscribed from lie 200 dnews letters and then I compressed a hundred newsletters I like to read into one email so every day I get one email and it shows up in my inbox and again this is not necessarily it’s not set up in this account because this is my admin account versus mine but it’s just amazing to be able to take away this.

Clutter and it helps me think so another thing is that what we want is this all mail if we go to all mail this is everything I just archived so this is where your archives go so again when you’re hitting archive let’s.

Just archive them all because I know in this account there’s nothing that’s really let’s leave that one and maybe I want to read that okay so then let’s I’m gonna unclick that just so I have.

An example there let’s archive all that so again you just go into all meal and it’s there now one thing that I was noticing when I first did all this all me all sometimes disappears I.

Think if I remember correctly so let’s go into settings and let’s make sure that that stays okay so yeah it’s always showing so you definitely want this I think it was hidden the first time but definitely make sure it says show and then that way you don’t always be able to top and I’ll always be showing for you so you could.

So you don’t have to have that anxiety of oh my gosh my emails gone or I miss I lost that message when I get emails.

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