Setup Guide Video (old) For Merchwizard – Merch By Amazon Chrome Extension

This is a setup video for the merge wizard Chrome extension so if you were to merge wizard dot up you’ll see these free links here first one we’ll do is to go to commode and do the subscription so just hit subscribe you’ll fill in your payment details and then once you’ve hit pay and subscribe you all get a.

Unique code okay that is your Gumroad license key well then want to copy that over to notepad or similar so we can use it later on so we just type home road.

Then the next place we’re go to will be the Chrome Web Store and we’ll add the extension so it needs to be able to read data from Gumroad and amazon so that is fine now on install I get the merchants at the icon in the top right next will be easy go to a table I’m going to copy the base you see the copy base in the top right that will.

Take us to a page we invited to sign up when you go through fill in your name and email and password create an account and it’s going to basically copy that base to your account so you.

Own copy of it just the other concepts of workspace here which is a bit like a folder I’m.

Just calling that lurch and then that is your own copy there ready to.

Go thanks going to go to account and get your API key so you’re going to need to go and generate that first click on.

It you’ll be able to see it we want to copy it and put that in our notepad file as well which is quite an entry in here for the table key as well cuz we’re gonna need that shortly okay so to get our table key we need to.

Go to our table go to the actual base this is your personal copy of it go to help go to API documentation and we need to get a key from this we just scroll down.

First thing he comes to on this right-hand column just want to grab that bit there that starts with the three letters a B P first up you copy that in right we’ve got our keys now and then start much wizard the first time it starts up it’s gonna ask you to put in the keys so just copy and paste them into the relevant bits once you’ve done this once and that’s it.

It’s open ready to go if anybody’s thinking they can copy some of these you can see in the video I’ve already disabled I’m afraid so no such look anyway you will be up and running now so you can search for whatever you want and it will find it from your particular base or no one else will have access to this it’s just be you and your.

Design so you’ll then want ideally out on the records from there and start importing your own records alright and that is it for.

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