Things 3 Over Omnifocus 3 (beta)

All right so here is things three I have I’ve been using OmniFocus one and OmniFocus 2 for several years and honestly when I crank up in OmniFocus on my Mac I still have an emotional response as the best way to explain it I’ve got a lot of history of using OmniFocus I’ve tried other to do things to do.

Is to do to do with the two number two all kinds of task managers I tried things – back in the day I thought it was.

Cool but it had some some things that annoyed me and things 3 when it came out was just gorgeous and I really tried using it but I kept holding out because we were told that any day now I’m the focus 3 is coming out and the one thing that OmniFocus had that to.

Do as it was things does not do is serial task which is important if I go into at SSA has 50.

Tasks before I I think give an example before I drink orange juice I’ve got to.

Buy orange juice before I buy orange juice I’ve got to get money out of the ATM so the the is a serial task order I can’t drink orange juice until I do the two things prior to it so.

I don’t want to see that task only focus allows me to have a serial task and this is why.

I kept coming back to umney focus because when I run so many different types of projects in parts of my life and such it’s uh it’s nice to just.

Pop up my task manager and see fourteen or four tasks instead of 50 60 70 tasks so I kept pulling out how many focus 3 any day now and uh finally finally I got the beta and.

That’s to be honest the beta is way less than ooh severely disappointing so like here’s.

Here’s a beta here so we have tags now instead of context used to have all kinds of stuff and it’s great I haven’t used OmniFocus in a week two weeks now but you can see that I’m just going to clear and see all my.

Tasks that I have do well the problem with this look at this this is horrible this is absolutely horrible I don’t care that it says.

Baker City 27 April I don’t care that it shows me my tags there I don’t care about most of.

The stuff in here all knows is the name of the test there is so much information here that I look at that it’s it’s not clean that my brain has to stop and go okay but ignore this sentence go this I know it’s smaller font it’s different but instead of making it clear it has the effect of making it more jumbled instead of one consistent design it’s several designs I got blocked text I got not blocked text I got italicized.

Text I got light text I got dark text and I got circles this is horrible this is absolutely horrible and then you see the this right here the triangle as you go into sub levels and sub levels see if I can find one let’s go to projects here go to projects let’s go to.

This one let me pick trainings so you see how you got the care at the top of two one salem and then this is just general area because these are things in coms and as you go further and further i’m losing real estate on my screen which is it’s that this is the narrow screen this isn’t a wide display on the imac this is a narrow screen.

Iphone so this is horrible and i’ve got i’ve been holding out for this and it is i know this is a beta I know there’s bugs this is a this is not a bug issue this is a design issue so it’s it’s absolutely horrible and to go back I guess wipe I guess wipe.

Again and I got a swipe again okay go we’re back here finally now I’m gonna go to tags okay cool and they went into tags these are all my top-level order tags but say with an error and I’ve got these tags so if I if I pick say well there’s nothing available in there I go to agenda I see these so these are sub these are groups of agenda and if I go into a tag let’s say let’s.

Do call there are people that I just crashed on me whatever.

Don’t care about showing that so let’s let’s back up let’s go.

To so two things so things is is the thing that route things is beautiful it’s amazing the one complaint I’ve had about things.

Is the lack of serial tasks however that it things is beating OmniFocus in every single other regard for me other than serial tasks because Serio task allows me to just see you know I can only see like I said earlier I can only see there’s one or two tasks that are available right now and said and things I see everything so.

Let me show you how I got set up things so the reason why I’m using things instead of OmniFocus is that when I’m using OmniFocus on the phone not.

Now I’m using on the phone or so somebody wrote an article way back whenever that your desktop was where you go through and you process it and you look at it and you do your you know how can I make this better you organize it and all kinds of other stuff and your iPad you you get to review it you know it’s a good application environment to review it but your.

IPhone was just you checking off task that’s it what’s the task available you check it out that’s it and that’s how I used OmniFocus for a while.

But it is just not doing it for me and and if it if my life wasn’t complicated it might work for me so here’s the issue and they go back up I don’t Foreign Minister to this I apologize so I had my personal life all right I do a lot of different things my personal life okay cool beans hiking you know Shakespeare I’m gonna go see Shakespeare plays and Southern Oregon and maybe go to Iceland hopefully someday and all kinds of the stuff alright.

So personal thanks I also do a lot of volunteer stuff I I do trainings with police departments I’m a mentor for at a high school I all sorts of stuff okay cool and I also work for my nine-to-five job it is I coordinate trainings all around the place and these are time sensitive some of them and.

And such you know that’s cool this is and then for most part this is easy OmniFocus works great for this because I go to.

Mac I can sit down 99% of these tasks is you know sit down on my Mac okay what am i working on right now I am proponent proposals or planning or whatever but there’s.

One area where that does not work and that is this one army so the army and the army I am a platoon sergeant for an infantry platoon and I kid you not I can walk from the admin offices across the drill floor toward the supply shop and I can be stopped by two three four five six different soldiers all the different times who have different issues ranging from personal issues to supply.

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