Best Apps For Android: Mightytext

Ah hi everybody and welcome back to the video spot vlog where we train teach and motivate brands and business owners to be more effective with their online video marketing strategy today is Friday which means it’s time for another episode of things I found on the internet and today we’re talking about a tool that I found that I am.

Absolutely in love with and what it does is it allows my text messages to actually appear on my computer where I can reply to them which eliminates the need for me to go back and forth between my phone and my computer daily which is really just a nuisance because if you’re like me you’re.

Working on the computer you’re replying to emails you’re building forms you’re doing things like that and it’s it’s such a nuisance.

To have to kind of go from here to here to even look at your phone I know a lot of you were saying well then just don’t answer your phone or just don’t reply to the text but you gotta understand I don’t know who’s texting unless.

I look at the phone so I need to know who’s texting so I can know if it’s a text I should or should not respond to I mean if it’s my wife saying Hammond if we late I need you to go pick up the kids I gotta respond to that text so with this tool I’m able to see who’s texting me I’m even able to see who’s calling me on my computer screen with a little plugin that comes with your browser and today what I’m gonna.

Do is show you how the thing works and see you know maybe it’s a tool that you’re gonna end up loving so there’s a freemium and a premium version today we’re just gonna look at the free version so let’s go to my desktop and we’ll check it out Here I am in.

The Chrome Web Store and you can see here that I’m getting a mighty text prompt right now telling me that my battery is low which is something that I.

Like about the program it tells me when there’s a low battery and a high battery and also this is where I’ll get updates that.

I’m getting text messages so I’ve already got it installed but all you would do is go to the Chrome Web Store and type in mighty text and then obviously here we go then I see that mighty text.

Is already in here I’ve already installed it but you would install it from here and you’d also want to go to the Play Store and Android download it onto the devices.

Where you want to use it from so I’ve used it on my my mobile device and I use it on my my tablet.

But I’ve actually deleted it from my tablet because I find it’s just a distraction to the things that I want to do now once I’ve signed and started an account with MightyText I’ve got my own page here that I can kind of log into the backend and and here’s all the same texts with all the same features that I have on my Android phone what I don’t have is I don’t have everyone’s contact photo and I’m not I’m not sure.

Why that is I might have to sync up the contacts in my in my Android but I can just simply go to the person that I want a text and let this is my wife for example and say hey my love what’s happening and you can see it see this clock says what’s happening is it’s sending the message to my phone and then my phone will send the message to her and once.

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