Android’s “do Not Disturb” Is Way Better Than Ios

iPhones and iPads have a Do Not Disturb mode which silences calls, alerts, and notifications while the device is locked. It can also restrict who can call you, and the mode itself can be enabled/disabled according to a schedule.

Android has something called Priority Mode, which blocks notifications from certain apps when enabled, but that’s it. It’s not as good as Do Not Disturb though, which is why Android users should install the Do Not Disturb app as soon as possible.


Like the iOS mode, the Do Not Disturb app silences calls, alerts, and notifications whenever it’s enabled — but it also does so much more.

The most noteworthy feature is that it pulls calendar data and auto-enables during events. Both Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange are supported. Then again, you can also manually program Do Not Disturb with unique day and night schedules for each day of the week if you prefer.

This means your Android device will never bother you by surprise again. It also has several other features — like Respond via SMS or Whitelisted Contacts who are ignored when DND is enabled — which make it way more flexible than its iOS counterpart.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes. Combine it with these destressing Android apps to ensure a better night’s sleep.

What do you think of Do Not Disturb? Let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Bedside Android Alarm by Monkey Business Images via Shutterstock

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